Jeannie's Jams

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How to Order

To place an order, please message me on Facebook with the number of the flavors you'd like!


8 oz jar: $6.00 for most flavors

8 oz jar - Huckleberry, Super Hot Pepper Jelly flavors: $8.00

Large Jars (16 oz.) can be ordered for some flavors and will be batched ASAP to fill orders only.


Please Remember: Current Stock on hand fluctuates daily! 

If items are sold out, orders will be filled in order received. Out of stock items can be ordered, and items will be batched depending upon availability of fruit. 

New Flavors!

74. Apple Jalapeno Jelly - Low Heat

75. Red Pepper Jelly - Low to No Heat - Great over cream cheese or as an egg roll sauce

76. Red Onion Marmalade (great on pulled pork sandwiches)

77. Winter Spice (Tastes like Christmas)

78. Twisted Hawaiian (pineapple w/hint of ginger) Try this new flavor on grilled shrimp or fish tacos...

Pepper Jelly

1. JalapenBerry (Strawberry Jalapeno)

2. Regular Jalapeno jelly

3. Tropical Heatwave

4. Professor Plum’s

5. CranJalapeno

6. Peach Mango Fire

7. CranHabenero retired

8. PomJalapeno

9. Dragon’s Breath

10. Fuzzy Fire (apricot and habanero)

11. Tongue Thai’d retired

12. Matt’s Cherry Bomb

Super Hot Pepper Jelly - consume with care!

13. Bhut’s On Fire (ghost Pepper Jelly) Super Hot Pepper

14. Grapeshot Super Hot Pepper

15. Fire Cracker Super Hot Pepper

16. PineReaper Super Hot Pepper

17. Meet the Reaper Super Hot Pepper


18. Boysenberry Out of stock

19. Elderberry Jelly

20. Elderberry Syrup

21. Huckleberry

22. Marion berry

23. Blackberry Bush

20. Raspberry Patch

24. Logan Berry jam Out of stock Seasonal Fruit

25. Triple Berry Jam


26. Strawberry Jam

27. Strawberry Rhubarb

28. Strawberry Crack jam

29. Strawberry Jelly


30. Apple Jelly

31. Apple Butter

32. Candy Apple

33. Apple Cider Jelly

34. Crabby Apple Limited Stock Seasonal Fruit**

Various Fruits

35. Plum Jam

36. Apricot Jam

37. Pineapple Apricot

38. Pear Tart Jam

39. Pear Butter

40. Peach Pie Jam

41. Just Peachy Jelly

42. Peach Butter

43. Mango Peach

44. Peach Mango Spice (Peaches Mangos w/pie spices - tastes like fall!)

45. Holiday Kiss (Cranberry Sauce Replacement)

46. Cherry Jam

47. My Fair Cherry

48. Cherry pie Jelly

49. Currant Jelly Limited Season Stock**

50. Luscious Lemon Marmalade

51. Orange Marmalade

52. Pomegranate Jelly

53. Pinealope (Pineapple Cantaloupe) Sold Out

54. Dandelion Jelly Limited availability**

55. Lavender Fields

56. Rosehip Jelly

57. Honeysuckle Jelly out of stock

58. Mint Jelly

59. Grape Jelly

60. Choke cherry

61. Carrot Cake Jam

62. Tomato basil Jam Low Sugar Option **

Soda Pop Jelly

64. Irish Kiss (mtn dew jelly)

65. Dr’s In (Dr pepper jelly)

66. Root Beer Barrels

67. Khaos theory (monster energy drink base)

68. Green Eyed Monster Jelly

NSA (No Sugar Added)

69. Apple Butter

70. Triple Berry

71. Blackberry

72. Marion berry jam